Linda Carter

Linda Carter

Post coital, Linda agrees with Mick when he says he missed it, however inside, she’s numb. The following morning, Linda is researching a clinic up on the web for an abortion and while operating a shower, Linda phones the clinic and arranges a phone session for 7pm that evening. Sharon invitations Mick and Linda to The Albert for a pair free drinks later that day and meanwhile, they babysit Bert and Ernie Moon for Kat and Alfie. Mick is worried for Linda and he’s determined to search out out what is troubling her.

Here’s the newest on Linda Carter – an EastEnders character played by British actor Kellie Bright. Tonight’s episode will see Linda given contemporary hope over her future with Mick, after assembly Katy for the first time. The EastEnders team have worked with charity Samaritans on the story, with the cleaning soap’s boss Jon Sen saying that “working with the Samaritans has been invaluable to make sure that Mick’s story is true to life” and added that they have been “a huge support”.

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Stacey then explains her encounter of being raped and then she tells Linda she knows the way it feels as a result of Dean raped her and Linda nods her head. Linda goes to the clinic on her personal after telling Mick to take care of Tina and watch out for Shirley after Tosh beat up Tina after misreading the alerts between Tina and Sonia’s friendship. Whilst signing the forms, the consultant asks Linda if she is certain about her choice and Linda says having an abortion is one thing she never thought she can be doing as a child was all she needed a number of months in the past. She additionally adds that her and Mick wished 4 kids, nonetheless something happened and she or he should not be pregnant.

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Linda will get off the bed to verify Johnny has arrived home safely as Mick reminds her of the time Johnny was born and he was in an incubator while she had an infection. Linda snaps at Mick, feeling that he solely introduced it as much as put her off the thought of getting one other baby. An upset Linda goes downstairs to the kitchen to get some meals for Johnny when Mick begins singing their track, Pretty Flamingo and after, Mick and Linda kiss. Mick realizes the true cause for Linda desirous to have one other baby as she thinks that after the kids depart residence, Mick would cease loving her or have an affair and Mick says it is ridiculous as he will always love her. Mick then goes on to say that possibly she would cease worrying in the event that they made it official and he asks Linda to marry him, however Linda says no.

Eastenders Star Hints At Tense Christmas For Mick And Linda

Mick gets maintain of Dean and he pushes him into the table, inflicting it to break down and he starts punching Dean whilst Linda pleads for Mick to cease. Stacey visits Linda the following morning and Linda asks if it was about what she mentioned final night and he or she should not have stated anything. Stacey says that she was going to tell her something and Linda says that Dean is young, good wanting and a bit of a player and she or he’s a bit over protective. At the Christmas raffle, Mick proclaims that he and Linda are expecting another baby and when Linda gives out the first prize to Stacey, a bottle of Whiskey and Dean enters The Vic and shocks Linda, which Stacey picks up on. Upstairs, Stacey explains how Linda have to be feeling, corresponding to scared, ashamed and that she should have led him on earlier than telling Linda that she was raped.

Shirley informs them that Kat and Alfie Moon had a deal on, which was a £1 a drink and Mick and Linda surprise if Shirley can get stuff from the soup kitchen on tick, however Shirley packed in the job. Whilst Mick and Shirley type out the issue, Linda tries to get Wi-Fi to speak to her eldest son Lee in Afghanistan. As Sharon passes, Linda tells her what she’s doing and after getting off on the incorrect foot, Sharon tells Linda that she has Wi-Fi. After, Linda apologizes to Sharon for the way she was as Shirley turned up and they have main historical past and he or she tells Sharon that she wouldn’t believe the stuff Shirley’s done up to now earlier than advising her to stay nicely clear. Alfie helps the Carter’s get hold of more inventory in time for his or her opening after Mick and Shirley persuaded him and Kat.

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PC Jenkins says it’s not an choice for Mick to be within the room as they do not permit anybody within the room as it could possibly affect the person’s statement without realizing and Linda tells Mick she’s going to do it by herself. When it’s time for Linda to make her assertion, Mick says he will not depart the station and might be there for her if she wants him. She leaves and heads to Sharon’s, much to Phil’s annoyance and Mick and Elaine head over to Sharon’s when Sharon texts Mick.

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