21 Best Hallmark’s Harvest Moon Film Ideas

21 Best Hallmark’s Harvest Moon Film Ideas

Over the next Spring, Elli assists Pete in taking care of the livestock while Pete takes care of the backyard. Pete additionally enters Lucky into the local horse race and wins, which delights Doug and Gray . Kai proposes to Karen and invitations Pete to their wedding, and Karen decides to remain in Mineral Town.

Helmed by Peter DeLuise, Harvest Moon is a 2015 Hallmark TV movie starring Jessy Schram and Willie Aames within the lead roles. The film chronicles the life of a privileged city woman who goes bankrupt and is just left with one asset, a small pumpkin farm. She travels back to her hometown to sell the property, nonetheless, because of accident she falls in love with a farmer.

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She is based on Jennifer from the Friends of Mineral Town remake. She has inherited her mom’s pink hair, and is among the most stunning ladies in Mineral Town. She is sweet pals with Pete, and finally marries Gray. She relies on Popuri from Harvest Moon sixty four and Friends of Mineral Town.

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Van, a person from one other village who runs a shop at the inn every Wednesday. The con man, who often exhibits as much as Mineral Town to sell faulty products to the villagers. He ultimately reforms after Maria provides him a pendent as a gift, and tells him that she is going to pray from him. He relies on the con man from Harvest Moon 64 and Friends of Mineral Town.

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